4 Pieces/Set Car Anti-Collision Strips
4 Pieces/Set Car Anti-Collision Strips
4 Pieces/Set Car Anti-Collision Strips

4 Pieces/Set Car Anti-Collision Strips

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Protect Your Car From Damages
and Scratches By Light Collision

  • The Car Anti-Collision Strips is not only a personalized decoration of your car but it is as wells an effective solution of avoiding scratches in case the driver or passengers open the car doors colliding to a wall or other cars.

  • The Car Anti-Collision Strips has a unique design that you can match with your personality and style. It comes in 4 pieces in one pack.


  • Protects your car. The car anti-collision strips can protect your car's door edge from scratches from walls or other cars while opening.
  • Durable and Long Lasting Materials. It is made of environmental epoxy resin glue and rubber. The strips are free-bendable, water-resistant, anti-heat and high strength.
  • Beautiful Designs. With vivid car logo patterns, it is also a unique car decor making your car stand out.
  • Easy to Attach and Remove. The adhesive tape coating at the back of the car anti-collision strips is easy to attach to the car doors and not damaging it.


  • Step 1: Clean the car door and ensure it's dry
  • Step 2: Tear off the protective strip that covers the adhesive
  • Step 3: Press firmly in place for 2-3 seconds while the glue sticks
  • Note: Heating the adhesive glue coating while sticking can make it more sticky. Once stuck, don't move it and don't wash the car within 3 days.


  • Color / Design: IR Black/ IR White/ IR Gray
  • Weight: 83g Per Pack
  • Material: ABS Plastic and Rubber


  • 1 pack (4 pcs) X Car Anti-Collision Strips